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  • Beer line cleaning, beer line cleaning should be done on a regular basis to ensure proper maintenance to your system. Read more...
  • Wine On Tap, can be added to most existing draft beer systems or as a stand alone unit. Many Wineries are now putting their wine in kegs because it just makes sense for everyone. Wine by the keg benefits everyone. How can it help your bottom line? Its simple, Less waste equals more profit. 
  • Draft Beer Dispensing, we offer a variety of different draft beer dispensing products including Kegerators, Direct Draw Systems, Long Draw Systems, Keg Party Pumps & much more. Check out our parts page for more info.
  • Glycol deck servicing, the glycol deck controls the temperature of your draught beer system, running your glycol deck to warm or cold will effect your draught beer system. Draft Dr's Sales & Service staff will ensure it is correct.
  • Parts & Equipment, draught beer parts can wear out or break without notice due to improper care, we carry all replacement parts, such as couplers, beer taps (faucets), Co2, N2 & secondary regulators, Back bar fridges, Glass door display fridges, Kegerators, beer tap handles and more. Remember, regular beer line cleaning can sometimes detect a worn or broken part and replace as needed to avoid problems with your draught beer system. 
  • Installations, we here at The Draft Dr's Sales & Service do all types of custom installs for all types of draught beer systems. Commercial or residential 
  • Service Area, The Draft Dr's Sales & Service will do service calls in metro Vancouver & Ship across Canada
  • Troubleshooting, this is often the most difficult part for a customer of ours who is not familiar with how the draught beer system completely works. our team will come in and test your system and tell you what the problem is, we can usually repair it on the spot as we do keep a great supply of draught beer system parts in our service vehicle.We will troubleshoot. Line Cleaning problems, Draft System Maintenance, Glycol Powerpack Preventative Maintenance and Repairs, Direct Draw Services, Customization, and Repairs, Air Cooled Remote System Upgrades and Repairs, Full Draft System Installations, Gas Analysis, CO2 Gas Repairs, N2 Gas Repairs

How Clean Is Your Beer System? As a retailer, you may or may not clean your own draught lines,but you have a invested interest in making sure the cleaning is done properly. Clean lines make for quality draught beer that looks good, tastes great and pours without waste. Take the time to ask your service tech about his/her experience with working with beer systems & cleaning your beer line cleanings—no matter who they are—to ensure that your system receives the service it needs to serve you and your customers well. Simple checks like using a straw to scrape the inside of a faucet and checking keg couplers for visible build-up will help to ensure your beer lines are being properly maintained and serviced.

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